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    Industrial radiography is a non-destructive test that consists of passing through the component to be tested with a beam of ionizing electromagnetic radiation (gamma rays or X-rays).

    This radiation will be more or less absorbed by the internal discontinuities of the piece, reaching the other side of it, with a different radiation intensity, and impressing a radiographic film, which, once developed, shows the location of these discontinuities.

    Among the Industrial Radiography techniques performed at SCI we highlight the following:


    SCI has the following equipment for industrial radiography:

    • Portable gammagraphy equipment with Ir192, Se75 sources.
    • Portable X-ray equipment up to 360 kV for use in bunkers and construction sites.
    • Constant potential X-Ray equipment up to 450 Kv for use in bunkers.

    In most of its branches, SCI has bunkers for radiography. There is also the possibility of installing modular bunkers at the customer’s facilities.

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